03/09/2021- TRAILS CLOSED for the season! Thank you to all of our landowners for allowing us to use your property for this winter sport. Thank you to our volunteers for their all their hard work in keeping the trails safe and smooth.

03/05/2021- Warmer weather is on its way.... Looks like spring is approaching fast. There is still snow on the hills, it is a little icy though so if you choose to ride be cautious This weekend looks to be the last of the riding season for HHRR trails. Reminder CCTA and Otego Snow Goers trails are closed


03/01/2021- Our trails are currently open, we advise that you ride with caution and at your own discretion. There is still a good amount of snow on the hills. However, snow is thinner in the valley so be aware of that. Otego Snow Goers and CCTA have closed their trails right now, so please be aware of trail closures while riding.


02/24/2021- The temperature today will be in the low 40s We ask you to stay off of the trails for today, to avoid causing additional damage. It's suppose to go back into the 20s tonight. Hopefully, we will get a few inches of snow in the next couple of days to help sustain the trails.


02/21/2021- We hope everyone got out this weekend to enjoy the trails! The fresh snow was amazing, especially on the hill tops. Here's one of our groomers going from our clubhouse to D's Pizzeria. It's supposed to warm up a bit on Wednesday, hopefully it doesn't hurt the trails too much.


02/19/2021- Trails are in good shape. The fresh snow from last night and today has helped (4+ inches).

Please be aware that due to the warm up earlier this week, the trails are hard packed and icy underneath. We've received numerous messages from riders saying the trails are awesome! It's always great to hear, but please be cautious. As always, thank you to our volunteers that work so hard maintaining the trails.


02/17/2021- The temperature dropped last night and there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. The trails definitely took a hit with the warmer weather from yesterday! But our fingers are crossed that we get a decent amount of snow (Thursday into Friday).  Take care, stay right, stay on the marked trail, and respect the landowners...BRAAAP


02/16/2021- We would prefer everyone to stay off the trails today, due to the warmer temperatures and possible rain/freezing rain. The less damage done to them the better. The groomers hopefully can go out on Wednesday or Thursday to fix them, once the temperature drops and we get some new snowfall.  We've heard from a lot of people that the trails were awesome this past weekend! We're so happy to hear that.


02/12/2021-  Trails have been groomed and signed from Octagon Farms to D's Pizzeria (State Route 10 Walton)

Open Monday-Saturday 11:00am-8:00pm

The new trail into the Village of Delhi (from the Hamden side of the snowmobile trails) has been ESTABLISHED!

Huge thank you goes out to the Delaware Academy School Board for working with us to to make this possible!

Trails have been marked, and signed. Signage all the way up Arbor Hill to State Route 28, cross the road, turn right towards Andes and there will be a sign directing you before Meeker's turn to turn left.

Be aware of the walking trails that's are in the area.

Do not take Frightful Falls trail, take Gribley Trail

There are RULES that MUST be FOLLOWED!

- NO RIDING on this trail during school hours. On weekdays between the hours of 7:00am and 3:00pm, NO RIDING ALLOWED

-Riding in the evening/night time and on the weekends is ALLOWED!

-Follow the speed limit signs!


02/09/2021-  Hamden Hill and the Rail Road tracks by the Landfill have been groomed!  Thank you to all of our volunteers who have been keeping the trails groomed this season. Happy riding everyone! Stay right, stay on the marked trail, and respect the landowners.

02/04/2021- Trails have been groomed and a lot of riders have been enjoying the snow we've received. Our fingers are crossed that there is more snow on the way Please remember to stay on the marked trails. Most importantly, be respectful of land owner's property.

01/22/2021-  Our trails are about in the same shape as CCTA's and DVRR's. There is more snow on the hills and thin down in the valleys. Hopefully the cold temperatures stay, and we can get some more snow accumulation to make a nice solid base.  If you choose to ride, please use caution

12/24/2020-  TRAILS ARE CLOSED Due to the warm temperatures (50⁰F) and the substantial amount of rain, trails are closed We are hoping for cold weather and snow in the near future! Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holiday!

12/23/2020- Trails are OPEN!  Please use extreme caution  Looks like rain is in the forecast for tomorrow so enjoy it while it lasts.  We are wishing for more snow so we can have a great riding season

12/21/2020-  Trails are CLOSED!  We have been receiving complaints from land owners.  Please be respectful and stay off the trails until they are open. Hunting season is NOT over, trails need to be marked, and down trees need to be cleared.  If you want to help with marking and clearing of the trails, please reach out to the club. Please be patient, and make sure you follow our page and other neighboring clubs facebook pages (Otego Snow Goers, Maywood Snow Riders, DVRR, CCTA) and websites for updated trail conditions.

Volunteers are always needed! Take care, and let's hope for a snowy season