The season is over, but we would like to thank everyone who suffered through the poor winter with us. We had a few good days of riding on and off throughout the season. Its difficult living in central New York due to the snowfall amount varying from year to year. We can always stay positive though and hope for a better '19-'20 snowmobile season. Remember you can register and join the club now while its still fresh in your minds, as you clean and put away your sleds. Registering through the NYSSA website is the most convenient and quickest way to receive your voucher and register your sled for your discount at the DMV.




Trails are open with HIGH CAUTION there are numerous areas that are thin (valleys and farm fields), the hills have a decent amount of snow.

Be safe! BRAAAAP




Snow is HERE! The trails have been groomed. Please use caution while riding there may still be some hazards on the trail due to the odd weather we have experienced this January.  Now is the time to ride, since this coming week its going to be warm again with rain. BRAAAAP to everyone and have a safe snowmobile season.


There has been some additional snow fall, trails are still thin. The warm weather last week and the rain took a toll on them.  There is suppose to be a snow storm rolling in on Tuesday 01/29/19 into Wednesday 01/30/19. We suggest that riders are cautious when out on the trails, if they choose to ride. As of today (01/27/19) Ridge Road to Gray Road (Hamden) has been plowed and sanded by the Highway Department,  due to a misguided tractor trailer that needed assistance.

01/22/2019 & 01/23/2019

Substantial amount of rain fell the past few days. There has been flooding, and ice jams all over the area. Neighboring clubs experienced their trails fully submerged by the Delaware River. Trails in the hills seemed to have fared better.


❄The SNOW is COMING ❄ We are all excited and ready to open up those throttles. BUT with that in mind, HHRR would like to remind our snowmobile riders of a few safety and courtesy tips.

1. There is no base on the trails at this time(1/18/19). Groomers will not be out until the snow settles.
2. If you do ride please, use caution. There could be low spots and downed branches due to the upcoming storm.
3. Be respectful of the land owners and where the trails are marked. Stay on the trails! All it takes is one snowmobiler to go off the trail and one land owner to say enough is enough, and a trail can be closed.

❄ Please enjoy this weekend snow storm. Hopefully there will be more snow in the forecast, so we can have an enjoyable and successful snowmobile season. Be safe, ride safe, BRAAAAPPP

Trails have been marked and signed. There has been a trail change near Stoodley Hollow and West Platner Brook due to land owners. The trail has been marked to re-route. Please pay attention and stay on the marked trail.

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