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Come join the Hamden Hill Ridge Riders! Joining our club allows for you to receive a reduced rate when registering your sled at the DMV. Also, you will be helping the club keep the trails nice (cutting trees, bulldozing, etc.), maintain the grooming equipment, and keep the clubhouse up and running for all to enjoy.

To join the Hamden Hill Ridge Riders Club. Please print the application, fill out your information and enclose a check payable to the Hamden Hill Ridge Riders and mail the application to


Hamden Hill Ride Riders

PO Box 113

Hamden, NY 13782

If you have any questions please email or call Cherie                    @ 607-865-4544

We strongly encourage all of our snowmobile riders to register prior to November 1st. The season does not start until January but this way you are all set for the riding season and you can enjoy it without having to rush down to the DMV when you could be riding.

You can also join the Hamden Hill Ridge Riders by  going to the New York State Snowmobile Association website by clicking the link below

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